QUAD ERA-1 hoofdtelefoon

Quad ERA-1

Goed nieuws voor de echte QUAD liefhebbers, de ERA-1 hoofdtelefoon is nu leverbaar!

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'The Closet Approach To The Original Sound' - These words have formed the cornerstone of QUAD's philosophy since 1936. More than just a slogan, it underlies the company's commitment to producing the finest audio equipment, capable of reproducing all the elements and emotion of a live musical performance.

QUAD has drawn upon its expertise with electrostatic loudspeakers to design its planar film diaphragm headphones - the ERA-1. To ensure a natural sound in keeping with the company's heritage, QUAD's engineers have developed a planar magnetic drive film delivering fast, open and transparant performance, similar in quality to QUAD's famous ESL (ElectroStatic Loudspeaker).