Detox cd

Monitor Audio Detox cd


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Detox cd

Speciaal door IsoTek gemaakt voor Monitor Audio om Uw speakers snel speelklaar te krijgen. Niet alleen bedoeld voor nieuwe luidsprekers maar ook als Uw luidsprekers/hifi set een tijdje stil gestaan heeft. 

Includes 65 Minutes of: Burn-in, full system demagnetisation & rejuvenation tracks

The disc you now hold is optimised for use with loudspeakers and contains four tracks, each subtly different from the others and intended for use with one of three loudspeaker categories: small, large (2-way) and large (3-way).

Track 1 - Running time 20 Mins.
The 'small' track has less low-frequency energy which would be wasted on a typical stand-mount loudspeaker and could in theory overdrive it if played at high levels (although this risk minimal, care shoud be taken).

Tracks 2 & 3 - Running time 20 mins(each)
The 'large' tracks for 2-way & 3-way loudspeakers respectively, feature a wider bandwidth and differ in the way they exercise the crossover in the loudspeakers.

Tracks 4 - Running time 5 mins
The final track is intended as a quick daily system warp-up routine. It is equally applicable to all loudspeakers and indeed other parts of the chain.

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