Acustica Applicata Daad 2

Daad 2 mark II

DaaD Mark II(NL) De DaaD II serie is uiterlijk identiek aan zijn voorganger, alleen de gouden sticker laat zien dat het om een ni...

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Daad 2 mark II

DaaD Mark II (NL)
De DaaD II serie is uiterlijk identiek aan zijn voorganger, alleen de gouden sticker laat zien dat het om een nieuwe, verbeterde versie van de DaaD gaat. De zo belangrijke veranderingen zitten aan de binnenkant. Na een lange periode van uitgebreide testen, zijn de interne lagen akoestisch materiaal vervangen door een nieuwe innovatieve soort. Deze heeft een exclusieve nieuwe structuur, gepatenteerd door een innovatief Europees bedrijf. Door deze innovatie is de effectiviteit van de DaaD Mark II met 15% toegenomen vergeleken met zijn voorganger, daardoor is het mogelijk om akoestische behandeling van de ruimte efficiënter uit te voeren met minder elementen. Net als bij de vorige DaaD is ook in deze mark II versie gebruik gemaakt van niet-giftige materialen en worden er, ook na langer tijd, geen microdeeltjes losgelaten. De kleur van de DaaD mark II verandert niet door blootstelling aan licht, ook de witte variant niet die in de vorige serie na verloop van tijd nog wel eens kon vervagen tot een beige-geel. Een additionele waarde en een extra verkoopargument kan zijn dat wij de eerste en enige producent zijn die dit nieuwe materiaal, dat al veelvuldig gebruikt wordt in de electrome-dische wereld, bij aeronautische toepassingen en hoog ontwikkelde luchtfilteringssystemen, gebruiken bij akoestische Hifi apparatuur. De DaaD mark II herbevestigt en vergroot zijn superioriteit als de meest efficiënte en veelzijdige akoestische diffuser speciaal ontwikkeld voor Hi-End luisterruimtes.

DaaD Mark II (Engels)
DaaD Mark II series aesthetically are identical to the previous, only the golden sticker tells us that we are in front of the new improved series of DaaD. The so important differences are inside it; after a long period of extensive tests, we have replaced its internal layers of acoustic material with a new and innovative one. It has an exclusive progressive structure, patented by a great European factory; by this innovation the efficiency of DaaD Mark II is increased of 15% in comparison with the previous release, so it's possible to perform acoustic treatments furthermore efficient with less elements. As the previous materials, also the new one it's totally nontoxic and it doesn't release micro-particles also after many years from the installation; it has also no any change of color with the exposure to the light, resolving the gradual variance to beige-yellow of the previous release in white color. As additional value and argument for selling, we think is important to know that we are the first and only one producer which use this innovative material in acoustic devices for HiFi, while is largely used in electro-medical field, in aeronautics and in the more sophisticated system of air filtering. DaaD Mark II reconfirms and increases its supremacy as the most efficient and versatile acoustic device specifically developed for Hi-End listening rooms.

The best Sound Harmonizers in the world.
Some authoritative people in the audio field flatter us by claiming that DAADs are the best device ever made for home environment acoustics. Why?

To keep up with the high-end sound evolution, we have created a "fast" acoustic trap able to deal with the resonant frequencies, without affecting the non-resonant ones.

The micro-pressed metal sheet with its view surface and the combination of materials for the resistive layer create a correct friction to the air going through them. This way, the functioning of the whole acoustic device is not slow regarding the timing of the music transients following one another.

This, besides being extremely elegant from an acoustic point of view, yields significant practical advantages. The micro-pressed metal sheet looks good and is easy to clean. The resistive material is hygienic and firm. The final lobe-like shape, too, is very important for the following reasons:

- Its internal volume being equal to a cylinder, a lobe-shaped device "penetrates" the corner more deeply, thus capturing the resonant frequencies more easily.

- This shape makes it easier to use different materials at the same time for the resistive layer of the device.

- Like the cylinder, unlike a level panel, a lobe-shaped device allows us to have an internal volume of air and a thickness able to create "acoustic shade" . In other words: very good ratio between room employed and outcome.

- Like the cylinder, unlike a level panel, a lobe-shaped device can be rotated on itself. Since one of the lobes features a more powerful diffusion effect, this can be used for adjusting the room acoustics according to one's needs or taste.

Daad 2

The most interesting acoustic action of DAADs is the way they "stir" energy: a sound wave hitting a DAAD is dealt with so that not only does it get out delayed and balanced, but even homogeneously diffused all around. With DAADs, every sound parameter gets better: the reproduction of the voice, which is open, sharp and clear; the sense of “airiness”, freedom, opening of sound-stage; the degree of cleaning of the acoustic slime at low frequencies and in the warmth region (100-300 Hz); dynamics. It’s the combination of these three things (shape, metal sheet, quality and thickness of the resistive material) that enables DAADs to behave both as a fast acoustic trap for the resonant low frequencies and as a diffusing-diffracting device able to transform the energy of early reflections into more delayed reflections, thus enriching the sound with precious diffused sound energy. DAADs are the first acoustic device capable of “changing” the dimensions of a home listening room, transforming it into a bigger one, with characteristics suitable for audio reproduction. When DAADs are placed in the strategic points of the listening room, they open the soundstage up and, at the same time, give back to music its sense of presence and liveliness. In order to deal with any acoustic problem of domestic environments, there are three kinds of DAADs: the most voluminous one (DAAD 4) works from 50 Hz.. The medium one (DAAD 3) from 80 Hz.. The small one (DAAD 2) from 120 Hz..

Toepassing: Voor eerste zijwand en achterwand reflecties
Max diameter: 22 cm
Hoogte: 110 cm

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Type Product Akoestische aanpassing
Toepassing Voor eerste zijwand en achterwand reflecties
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